Registration for courses with continuous assessment

Seminars, exercises e.g. are courses with continous assessment (German: prüfungsimmanente Lehrveranstaltung, pi LV). Courses with continuous assessment require a registration. In courses with continuous assessment attendance and other requirements are compulsory. The registration deadlines run in the weeks before the semester starts, i.e. in September for the winter semester and in February for the summer semester. If you are registered for a course with continuous assessment and are absent from the first unit without having a good reason, you will be deregistered.

With the registration to a course, you are automatically registered for the respective Moodle course.

Registration steps


  • Step 1: Check your curriculum and record of examinations

    You can find the record of examinations in u:space under the tab “Studies”. It is organised according to the structure of your curriculum.

    This way, you can see at a glance which courses you have already completed, which achievements you have to complete next and what requirements you have to fulfil for them.

    Attention: Please always check the curriculum of your degree programme. The record of examinations in u:space supports you in planning, but you have to select the correct curriculum point yourself on the basis of your curriculum when registering for the course or exam

  • Step 2: Select an achievement from your curriculum

    Search for modules for which you still have to complete courses (red and orange traffic light symbol) in your record of examinations in u:space. After that with the help of the record of examinations and by looking at your curriculum, determine for which curriculum point (module) you are still missing a course / exam.

    To find out which courses you can attend for the curriculum point you have not yet completed, either click on "Select courses and exams in u:find" at the book icon or search directly in the Course Directory u:find for courses suitable for the curriculum point.



  • Step 3: Select course in u:find

    Click on the courses available for completing the selected achievement in the Course Directory u:find. You will get detailed information about the course type, number of ECTS credits, registration and de-registration periods, course dates, contents, Moodle, lecturers, etc.

    Please note that you can only register for a course or exam within the registration period.

    If you click on “Register/Deregister for this course” you will be automatically forwarded to u:space where you can complete your registration.

  • Step 4: Register for a pi LV

    After Step 3: “Select course in u:find” you will be forwarded to the registration system in u:space.

    Please select your degree programme and the respective curriculum point (module). (If there are several curriculum points available, select the correct one as it is also listed in the Course Directory u:find. Otherwise your grade will be assigned to the wrong module in the record of examinations). For courses with a limited number of study places, you will have to assign points or preferences. After you assigned the points or ranked the groups you can click on “Register” to complete the registration.

    For courses with limited space - that are most of the courses with continuous assessment (pi LV) - you must assign points or preferences for the course during the registration process. For some pi LV groups are offered. Groups are parallel offers of a course, which can differ in name, place and time. When registering, you can select several groups and then prioritize them. The more groups you have selected, the more likely you are to get a place.

    As soon as the registration period has ended, the system will allocate the places on the courses. Registrations are organised and places will be allocated according to the specifications of the curricula (e.g. points system, preference system or recommended path of study).

    Next, the status of your registration will be updated in u:space. You can view the current registration status of your courses in the Registration overview in u:space at any time.

    Possible registration status before the allocation of places:

    • Prerequisite currently not met (Voraussetzung noch nicht erfüllt)
    • Allocation by registration deadline (Zuteilung nach Anmeldefrist)

    Possible registration status after the allocation of places:

    • Registered (angemeldet)
    • On waiting list (auf Warteliste)
    • Alternative place available (Alternativplatz verfügbar)
    • In process (in Bearbeitung)
    • Closed (geschlossen)
    • No place received (keinen Platz erhalten)

    The ABC of terminology provides further information on status values.

Point allocation system

With the point allocation system, you receive a certain number of points (= points account) every semester which you can use for the registration. You will have a points account for the registration for courses and another one for the registration for exams.

If you register for courses offered by different directorates of studies, you will have several points accounts. The points can be used for courses with a limited number of participants.

The more points you allocate to a course, the more likely it is that you are accepted.

The allocation of points can still be changed within the registration deadline. You cannot save points for the following semester, which means that you will lose points that you have not used.

You can find further information in the ABC of terminology.

Preference system

Every directorate of studies (in German: Studienprogrammleitung, SPL) determines for its degree programme how places for courses with a limited number of participants and exams are allocated in its degree programmes.

With the preference system, several courses are offered for the same curriculum items. Students rank their registrations for courses according to their personal preference (from top to bottom). The system intends to achieve the highest possible preference. The higher the preference, the more likely it is to get a place in the prefered option.

After the end of the registration deadline, the available places are allocated. On average, 98% of all students receive a suitable course place.

You can find further information in the ABC of terminology.

Recommended path of study

The path of study is a method that the course registration system uses to allocate places in courses of the University of Vienna (in the same manner as the point allocation system or the preference system). Places are allocated according to the recommended path of study: Students who follow this recommended path will more likely get a place.

In the recommended path of study, all courses from the second semester onwards have defined predecessors (for example, the predecessors of courses in the second semester are all courses from the first semester). The degree of completion of these predecessors is indicated in %. If 100 % is indicated next to a module, you have successfully completed all courses from the previous semesters.

Therefore, the information “Path of study: x %” indicates the degree of completion of courses of the previous semesters according to the recommended path of study (e. g. in the record of examinations see screenshot). All registrations for courses with continuous assessment are ranked according to this percentage. The higher your percentage, the better your chances to get a place in the course.

You can find further information in the ABC of terminology.

Screenshot of the recommended path of study in the record of examinations in u:space