Registration for courses with non-continuous assessment

Courses with non-continuous assessment are, for example, lectures (in German: nicht prüfungs-immanente Lehrveranstaltung, abbrievated to npi LV). The registration for courses with non-continuous assessment is not subject to any conditions, such as attendance or participation. Nevertheless a registration is recommended.

The registration period runs over the entire semester. In addition to a registration you are automatically registered for the respective Moodle course.

Registration steps


  • Step 1: Check your curriculum and record of examinations

    You can find the record of examinations in u:space under the tab “Studies”. It is organised according to the structure of your curriculum.

    This way, you can see at a glance which courses you have already completed, which achievements you have to complete next and what requirements you have to fulfil for them.

    Attention: Please always check the curriculum of your degree programme. The record of examinations in u:space supports you in planning, but you have to select the correct curriculum point yourself on the basis of your curriculum when registering for the course or exam.

  • Step 2: Select an achievement from your curriculum

    Search for modules for which you still have to complete courses (red and orange traffic light symbol) in your record of examinations in u:space. After that with the help of the record of examinations and by looking at your curriculum, determine for which curriculum point (module) you are still missing a course / exam.

    To find out which courses you can attend for the curriculum point you have not yet completed, either click on "Select courses and exams in u:find" at the book icon or search directly in the Course Directory u:find for courses suitable for the curriculum point.

  • Step 3: Select course in u:find

    Click on the courses available for completing the selected achievement in the Course Directory u:find. You will get detailed information about the course type, number of ECTS credits, registration and de-registration periods, course dates, contents, Moodle, lecturers, etc.

    If you click on “Register/Deregister for this course” you will be automatically forwarded to u:space where you can complete your registration.

  • Step 4: Register for a npi LV

    After step 3 "Select course in u:find", you will be redirected to u:space. Please select the course and the curriculum point for which this course is to be credited and click on "Register". This completes the registration for the selected course.

    The green color, the checkmark and the status "Registered" show you that the registration was successful. If you want to cancel your registration for the course, click on the button "Deregister".