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On this site prospective and first-year students get a first insight into the University of Vienna and into student life.

In the section "School versus University", the most important differences between attending school and studying at a university as well as important university terms are explained. Our videos in the category "Studying made easier" explain vividly important terms from student life at the University of Vienna.

In the "Uni Stories" students talk about their everyday life at university. The stories contain different topics, such as housing, budget, finances, stays abroad, barrier-free studying or the reasons that were decisive for the students choice of a particular study program.


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School versus University


At the beginning of your studies, one question arises: "What am I supposed to do in my degree programme?" Let us explain it to you.


You have come across the term "module" in your curriculum and don't know exactly what it is? Don't worry, this can be easily explained.


Your degree programme includes an "extension curriculum" (EC) and you ask yourself what to expect? Just read on!

Unterschied: Schule - Uni

Or: How can I get my timetable?

Unterschied: Schule - Uni

A university degree mainly differs from school and other vocational trainings in two aspects:


You have heard that students must gain ECTS credits during their degree programme and wonder what exactly this is?

University Know-How






 Extension curriculum

Uni Stories

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Christoph tells us why he decided to study a Teacher Education Programme and gives advice on what to keep in mind when starting your degree programme....


"What shall I do now?" This is probably a question many pupils ask themselves after having graduated from secondary school.


My Erasmus year in "Spain".


In this univie blog post, Lydia Köck and Bernhard Schmid explain how students can search the course directory in u:find.


In this video you we will explain how the application for admission to a bachelor programme without entrance exam procedure works.


In this univie blog post, Barbara Hamp argues why studying is like being in a relationship.

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