Knowledge of Foreign Languages

In general, the language of instruction of degree programmes at the University of Vienna is German.

Some master programmes are taught in another language or in a combination of German and another language. Legal basis for this is the curriculum of the respective programme.

For some degree programme, you need to prove your language proficiency before admission and upload the certificate in the application. This can be done via your previous studies or a certificate of the respective language.

For other degree programmes, the indicated level is a recommendation. Without knowledge of the language the progress of your studies will be delayed. However, the level of knowledge is not checked during admission process.

Master Programmes taught in English

The following master programmes are taught completely in English.

Degree ProgrammeRequired Qualification
Anglophone Literatures and CulturesEnglish C1 for programmes at the Department of English (admission requirement)
Applied EconomicsEnglish B2 (admission requirement)
AstronomyEnglish B2 (admission requirement)
Banking and Finance

English B2 (admission requirement)

Botany (Botanik)English B2 (admission requirement)
Business AnalyticsEnglish B2 (admission requirement)
Cognition, Behaviour and NeurobiologyEnglish B2 (admission requirement)
Communication ScienceEnglish B2 (admission requirement)
Computational ScienceEnglish B2 (admission requirement)
Computer Science (Informatik)English B2 (admission requirement)
Cultural Differences and Transnational Processes (CREOLE)English B2 (admission requirement)
Data ScienceEnglish B2 (admission requirement)
Drug Discovery and DevelopmentEnglish B2 (admission requirement)
East Asian Economy and SocietyEnglish B2 (admission requirement)
Ecology and EcosystemsEnglish B2 (admission requirement)
English Language and LinguisticsEnglish C1 for programmes at the Department of English (admission requirement)
Environmental SciencesEnglish B2 (admission requirement)
European Master in Health and Physical ActivityEnglish B2 (admission requirement)
Evolutionary Systems BiologyEnglish B2 (admission requirement)
Geography: Global Change and SustainabilityEnglish B2 (admission requirement)
Global DemographyEnglish B2 (admission requirement)
Green ChemistryEnglish B2 (admission requirement)
Mathematics (Mathematik)English B2 (admission requirement)
Media Informatics (Medieninformatik)English B2 (admission requirement)
MeteorologyEnglish B2 (admission requirement)
Middle European interdisciplinary master's programme in Cognitive Science (MEi:CogSci)English B2 (admission requirement)
Molecular BiologyEnglish B2 (admission requirement)
Molecular Microbiology, Microbial Ecology and Immunobiology (Molekulare Mikrobiologie, Mikrobielle Ökologie und Immunbiologie)English B2 (admission requirement)
Molecular Precision MedicineEnglish B2 (admission requirement)
Multilingual TechnologiesEnglish B2 (admission requirement)
NeuroscienceEnglish B2 (admission requirement)
Philosophy and EconomicsEnglish B2 (admission requirement)
PhysicsEnglish B2 (admission requirement)
Research in Economics and FinanceEnglish B2 (admission requirement)
Science-Technology-SocietyEnglish B2 (admission requirement)
Sinophone Societies and CulturesEnglish B2 (admission requirement) & Chinese (proof by previous study or HSK 5 or TOCFL Band B Level $)

Multilingual Master's Programmes

The language of instruction of these programmes is German in combination with another language.

Degree ProgrammeRequired Qualification
African Studies (Afrikawissenschaften) German & African languages (proof by previous study)
Ancient History and Studies in Classical Antiquity (Alte Geschichte und Altertumskunde)German & Ancient languages (proof by previous study)
Ancient Oriental Philology and Oriental Archaeology (Altorientalische Philologie und Orientalische Archäologie)German (& English B2 recommended)
Arab World Studies (Arabische Welt: Sprache und Gesellschaft)German (& English B2 recommended), Arabic B2 (proof by previous study)
Auxiliary Sciences of History and Archival Studies (Historische Hilfswissenschaften und Archivwissenschaften)German & English B2 recommended & Latin
Bioinformatics (Bioinformatik)German (& English B2 recommended)
Business Administration (Betriebswirtschaft)German & English B2 (admission requirement)
Business Informatics (Wirtschaftsinformatik)German (& English B2 recommended)
Byzantine Studies and Modern Greek Studies (Byzantinistik und Neogräzistik)German & Greek (proof by previous study)
Classical Philology (Klassische Philologie)German & Ancient Greek, Latin (proof by previous study)
Contemporary History and Media (Zeitgeschichte und Medien)German (& English B2 recommended)
Culture and Society of Modern South Asia (Kultur und Gesellschaft des modernen Südasiens)German & English B2 (admission requirement)
Digital HumanitiesGermanEnglish B2 (admission requirement)
Earth Sciences (Erdwissenschaften)German (& English B2 recommended)
English (Teaching Subject)German & English C1 (admission requirement)
Epistemologies of Science and Technology (EST)German (& English B2 recommended)
Evolutionary Anthropology (Evolutionäre Anthropologie)German (& English B2 recommended)
Food Chemistry (Lebensmittelchemie)German (& English C1 recommended)
Global History and Global Studies (Globalgeschichte und Global Studies)GermanEnglish B2 (admission requirement)
History (Geschichte)German (& English B2 recommended)
Hungarian and Finno-Ugrian Studies (Hungarologie und Finno-Ugristik)German & Hungarian / Finnish (proof by previous study)
Indo-European Studies (Indogermanistik und historische Sprachwissenschaft)German & indo-European language (proof by previous study)
Interdisciplinary East European Studies (Interdisziplinäre Osteuropastudien)GermanEnglish B2 (admission requirement)
International Business Administration (Internationale Betriebswirtschaft)

German & English B2 (admission requirement)

International Legal Studies (Internationale Rechtswissenschaften)German & English B2 (admission requirement)
Japanology (Japanologie)German & Japanese (proof by previous study or JLPT N2 [=B2.1. - Japanese language proficiency test]) & English B2 (admission requirement)
Jewish Studies (Judaistik)German & Aramaic, Hebrew (proof by previous study)
Koreanology (Koreanologie)German & Korean (proof by previous study or certificate at level B2 [Topik 4]) & English B2 (admission requirement)
Languages and Cultures of South Asia (Sprachen und Kulturen Südasiens)German & English B2 (admission requirement)
PhilosophyGerman & English B2 (admission requirement)
Religious Education (Religionspädagogik)German & classical language (e.g. New Testament Greek, Biblical Hebrew) (proof by previous study)
Romance Studies (Romanistik)German & French, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian or Spanish (C1) (proof by previous study)
Scandinavian Studies (Skandinavistik)German & Scandinavian language(s) (Danish, Faroese, Icelandic, Norwegian, Swedish) (proof by previous study)
Slavonic Studies (Slawistik)German & Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, Czech, Bulgarian, Polish, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Ukrainian (proof by previous study)
Tibetology and Buddhist Studies (Tibetologie und Buddhismuskunde)German & English B2 (admission requirement)

German C2 & one additional language on level C2 (admission requirement)

Turkish Studies (Turkologie)GermanEnglish B2 & Turkish B2 (admission requirement)